Sunday, December 02, 2012

WORTH IT IN 2012: #39 - The Fresh Beat Band


The Fresh Beat Band
Music From the Hit TV Show

My wife says, "That looks like an Old Navy ad," an aesthetic inspiration I hadn't considered. I was thinking more the Jackson Five -- only "Music Keeps Me Moving" is shorter and more diverse than the Jacksons' big hits, making it approximately 10 times better. The album's not consistently great -- the song by a Fountain of Wayne (something about being a rock star) is pretty weak. What I said in Sheep & Goats:

I wish these fake kids weren’t so obsessed with being rock stars and telegraphing that obsession to my real kid — but to their credit, they’re also obsessed with giving friends a hand, celebrating another perfect day in the beautiful world, and moving their loco legs to the music. They sing in enthusiastic harmony and when Twist the Disc Jockey raps he’s not embarrassing. And holy cow — current pop doesn’t get any more euphoric than “Music (Keeps Me Movin’)” and “A Friend Like You”, glorious contraptions of Jackson 5 guitar and co-ed gang vocals. The album closes with a pagan hymn to the sun, apparently sung by helium addicts.

Way better than One Direction's Take Me Home.

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