Friday, December 07, 2012

WORTH IT IN 2012: #33 - Third Coast Percussion

Third Coast Percussion
John Cage: The Works for Percussion 2

The Constructions are a lot of fun, Quartet and Trio are interesting, and the Living Room Music is wonderfully looney and I'd like to have a party with scores and instruments scattered around my living room.

The "2012 IN" heading should be taken skeptically. I didn't hear the new recording of Feldman's Crippled Symmetry, for instance, and Pauline Oliveros's virtual box set is stranded on my wife's computer. Even in John Cage centennial year world, there's a new recording of the Sonatas & Interludes out there somewhere. And these are undoubtedly good:

Wire Modern Composition A-Z

William Berger/Iain Burnside - Insomnia
John Bishoff - Audio Combine
Philip Blackburn - Ghostly Palms
John Cage - Etudes Australes
John Cage - Sonatas & Interludes
Edison Denisov - Au Plus Haut Des Cieux
Barbara Monk Feldman - The Northern Shore
Michael Finnisy - Second & Third Quartets
Hans Werner Henze - In Lieblicher Blaue
Annea Lockwood - In Our Name
Anthony Pateras - Collected Works 2002-2012
Katharina Rosenberger - Texturen
Skogen - Ist Gefallen In Den Schnee
Frances White - In The Library Of Dreams
Joanna Wozny - As In A Mirror, Darkly

(Way better than the new John Cage: Imaginary Landscapes.)

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