Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WORTH IT IN 2012: #28 - First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
The Lion's Roar

At Sheep & Goats I wrote:
Two Swedish folk-singing sisters find their way to Nebraska and a retro-minded Saddle Creek producer, who gussies them up like the Mamas without the Papas — glockenspiel, tambourine, autoharp, and reverb glow with nostalgic warmth. They’ll be your Emmylou if you’ll be their Gram; i.e., you’ll sing along with them, but the songs will be peopled with depressives longing to remember how to love. Things finally cheer up on the triumphant closing song “King of the World”, where special guest Conor Oberst yells “Fire!” in a crowded theater and a trumpet shines like the EXIT sign.

But here's one of the depressives.

Way better than Alabama Shakes' Boys and Girls.

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