Friday, November 30, 2012

WORTH IT IN 2012: #40 - Los Dareyes de la Sierra

First off, welcome to the 2012 countdown! I know it says #40 up there, but we may end up with more or fewer as the list continues to settle. Facts and insights may or may not appear; the point here is really pretty album covers, so if you're at the store and you're sifting through, say, all the albums by Los Dareyes, you'll know that at least this cheapo Sony comp is good.


Los Dareyes de la Sierra
Mis Favoritas

My limited exposure to Jose Darey Castro -- this cheapo Sony comp and their new video for "Sangre Guerrera" (not included) -- leads me to believe they specialize in waltzes that pit Castro's accordion against his tuba player, with Castro's husky foghorn of a voice commanding everything. Their waltz performances fall into two basic categories: big dumb waltzes, with horns pounding out the upbeats, and quick subtle waltzes, with tuba, guitar, and accordion flying around in stunning pointillism (a word Matt Cibula once applied to Banda el Recodo, I think). A song like "Juanito el Comandante" isn't real far from James Brown in the '70s -- only, you know, it's a waltz -- with the instruments doing amazing things and adding up to something light and floating. (Please note -- this being regional Mexican, there are a bunch of different versions of "Juanito" floating around out there, including probably a couple recordings by Dareyes. This comp includes the studio version, though it includes live renditions of other songs. Dareyes seem to have lots of other comps, too. Definitiveness is not the point here, for them or for me.)

Gringo that I am, I enjoy their waltzes but prefer this big dumb cumbia:

#40 - way better than Lupillo Rivera's A Mi Manera.