Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans are WORTH IT!

Really, Walter? Again with the shirt?

Especially if you're a fiend for skronk, free jazz, improv, drum/guitar/trumpet, setting the radio to "SCAN" for hours at a time, and trying to eke musical sense from traffic sounds. I link you to the PopMatters review, but here's a sample paragraph, of whose closing paradox I'm fond:

Electric Fruit makes for captivating listening. Whether you’ll feel compelled to play it a bunch is another matter, but I suspect there’ll come a day in the not too distant future when you just wanna hear three music geeks at the top of their game, playing, with obvious care and delight, music that’d sound like the infernal tortures of hell to 90 percent of the yaks you have to tolerate every day. May this deeply social collaboration chase them screaming from the room. [7/10]

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