Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shunda K's solo album is NOT Worth It.

Shunda K deserves to be your favorite foul-mouthed Christian lesbian rapper, but this is no way to put together an album. Sad but true. Here's the review at PopMatters, and an opening paragraph:

Shunda K does identity politics like Michael Bay does film explosions: there’s nobody better, but it’s all a little exhausting.  She’s a black Christian lesbian Southern rapper with a hyper-fast flow, a potty-mouth, and a predilection for Euro-club beats.  Check check check check check check, aaaand check.  Two or three of those elements together would be enough to sustain multiple press junkets, if not an entire career. Shunda tries to cram them all into every song.  When that approach works, as it does for a song here and there on her solo debut The Most Wanted, you feel you’re listening to music that’s fantastically new.  But alas, you can see where this is going… [4/10]

Actually, I'll follow that up with pgh 2, which features praise for her last album, totally worth hearing:

The Most Wanted is ultimately a failure of production and editing.  This album boasts 14 different producers for its 20 tracks.  You know how there’s often an inverse relationship between the quality of a movie script and the number of people who wrote it?  (Michael Bay’s movies tend to have three to six writers apiece.)  The same principle applies to Wanted.  Only a couple of its songs could have made it onto Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid, Shunda’s wonderful 2008 album with Yo! Majesty, the finest defunct lesbian rap group in all Christendom. [Yo! Majesty's probably an 8/10.]

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