Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best Thing I Heard Today: Kataklysm doing "The Awakener" (DON'T WATCH IF HALLOWEEN STORES SCARE YOU)

Fans of low-budget horror take note: "The Awakener" is worth listening to for the thick guitar tone alone, but really, YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO:

This song comes as a melodic respite in the middle of Kataklysm's WORTH IT album Temple of Knowledge, which has something to do with the convergence of all knowledge and power, whether divine or infernal, in the year 1999 (WHICH IS 6661 UPSIDE DOWN whoa) at the top of Sigourney Weaver's apartment building. 

At least I think -- one of the songs is about beckoning Xul.  Really, it's better if I don't try to parse a song with couplets like

9 distincted letters were granted into a Word of Sovereignty
Then was graphed the 1st of the 9... Gates of Kataklysmity

But the video!  The video seems to concern one of those umpteen infernal powers possessing a pretty lady who emerges from a sand dune, only she resists his demonic tendrils, causing his rubbery flesh to smoke and bake.  Hairy Sylvian carries a torch, perhaps for the pretty lady, and mutters incantations with his eyes rolled back, while guitarist Jean-Francois whips his hair in the outline of a pentagram.  I'm pretty sure listening to this stuff is like playing Bloody Mary in front of the mirror, but you can't beat their maniac energy.

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