Friday, January 13, 2012

Worth It In 2011: #9 - DJ Quik

Shoulda voted for this album in the Big Critix Poll that goes up next week -- you got lucky, Steel Magnolia! -- but my love for it only just snuck up on me a few days ago. It's a production showcase, probably the best that came out this year, with some really good rapping, both handled by the same guy who's been doing this for 20 years. It's often funny, but the kind of funny whose eyes take on an icy hardness just to let you know that once the laughter stops, Quik will probably start insulting you with ferocity. He's a little intimidating, even if he does enjoy Entenmann's donuts and milk. Jeff Weiss wrote a fine profile in LA Weekly.

Way better than Jay and Kanye's Watch the Throne, which'll go Top 10, maybe Top 5, in the aforementioned Big Critix Poll, which makes me just a little sadder that this likely nonfinisher didn't rock my world until after I'd submitted my ballot.

DJ Quik
The Book of David
(Mad Science)

And there's a Babylon song! FEATURING BIZZY BONE!!!

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