Thursday, January 05, 2012

Worth It In 2011: #15 - the Dirtbombs

This is a covers album — Detroit garage band covers Detroit techno jams — but you won’t hear many more original rock records this year. Like the Fall before them, the Dirtbombs have realized the giddy truth that as long as your two drummers keep the groove going, you can get away with anything. Including, as it turns out, a 21-minute version of a 10-minute Innerzone Orchestra track, complete with looooong guitar freakout. Dancing to it is, admittedly, a trick; grooving to it is perfect.
(And then I go on to make a tenuous connection to worship music, basically "keep 'em dancing" = "keep 'em worshiping" = "If you succeed, you can get away with freaky stuff".) (Way better than Moby's Destroyed.)

The Dirtbombs
Party Store
(In the Red)

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