Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Worth It In 2011: #11 - Steel Magnolia

The Singles Jukebox reviewed "Keep On Loving You" back in Summer 2010, before anyone had heard of 'em, and the penetrating gaze of Alfred Soto saw right through them: "Thankfully not a REO Speedwagon cover, but a tough-voiced couple whose timbres suggest they spend as much time arguing as as they do loving."

Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia
(Big Machine)

One of my favorite short reviews from Sheep & Goats:

It’s filed under “Country”, but really this is a straight-up Married Pop album in the tradition of John and Yoko,Womack and Womack, or Quarterflash, with the minor caveat that this couple isn’t married yet. During their 12 songs, cute-as-buttons betrotheds Meghan and Joshua pledge fidelity, argue, tease, break up, make up, wonder what it’d be like to break up again, and enjoy fantasy field trips like Phil and Claire on Modern Family. Even when the going gets tough, the relationship and the music remain buoyant. Partly that’s because of the sparkling production by Nashville lifer (and founding White Heart guitarist) Dann Huff. But mostly it’s Meghan and Joshua’s intimate two-part harmonies — so persistent in their pursuit of pleasure, you’ll remember why people heard homoerotic undertones in Big & Rich.

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