Thursday, November 17, 2011

Worth It in 2011: #35 - Alexi Murdoch

IF YOU LIKE NICK DRAKE THEN YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ALEXI MURDOCH. Even if you don't often listen to Nick Drake, but he always sounds nice on soundtracks and on your wife's As Seen On TV compilation, then you might want to listen to Alexi Murdoch. If you saw that charming pregnancy movie Away We Go, you have already heard Alexi Murdoch. Gentle acoustic folk with propulsion and dissonance in the guitar, subtle instrumental shading, openhearted grappling with matters of life and death... You know you wanna hear this guy. And what the heck is that on the album cover?

Alexi Murdoch
Towards the Sun
(Zero Summer)

The album is a study in stillness, but a fascinating stillness inside which you can move around. Steve Horowitz, a fine writer at PopMatters, turned me on to this guy. He sez, "Each of the seven tracks offers the same lesson. We are free to walk towards the light or live in the shadows. The choice is ours. No one can make it for us. Listen to that still small voice inside, like the one you hear on the record. You will know what to do."

(Way better than Bon Iver's Bon Iver.)

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