Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Kool and Together Comp is NOT Worth It.

Cymbal afficionado.

Since they read better than my PopMatters review, here are two angry comments from "Donna," who had the sagacity to NOT insult my day job:

Dude, what is your deal.....just saw these guys perform and they killed it... First of all those are old recordings and I personally do not understand why you would bring up someone [Cowboy Troy] from Victoria....Yeah he probably had better contributions but he probably had money to keep making music!!!!!!  This is their first album that has actually come out..Also they were KIDS when they made this.....They did not have the technology they do now to make them sound good.....Like I said not everybody could afford top quality like the Rolling Stones!!!!!!! You are the only one that has said something negative the ONLY one...Even Spin magazine liked them and WHO are you!!!!!!!!!Whatever, before you pass judgement!!!! you should see them at the Lincoln Center in New York on December 15....then judge!!!!! Josh!!!!!!

Plus...people...THESE RECORDINGS WERE NOT MEANT FOR THE PUBLIC THEY WERE DISCOVERED BY CHANCE....JOSH did not do his research skills correctly obviously.... This review is awful and not specific and very bias....they are a damn good band and people you should check them out!!!!!!


smallaxe said...

...and yet, the comments you mock aren't nearly as facile and uninformed as your review.

Josh Langhoff said...

Hey, I LIKED those comments! But you should tell the folks what they're missing, Smallaxe, if you feel so strongly about these guys.

Treedsmart said...

OMG Kool and Together is totally not worth it!! Well Rolling Stones says otherwise!! Here you go!!!

Kool and Together – Kool and Together (Heavy Light)
Kool and Together were a stubbornly productive Seventies-funk band from South Texas that never scored big but released one stone classic in "Sittin' on a Red Hot Stove," a 1973 single of saucy-Meters gait and big doses of Funkadelic voodoo in the vocals and wah-wah guitar. This album includes later rides on the disco bandwagon, but the meat of the tale is the stark swagger'n'roll of the early Seventies material, when Kool and Together were sounding a lot like a black Grand Funk Railroad with more limber in the rhythm and gospel suggestion in singer Tyrone Sanders' high firm belting.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/​music/blogs/alternate-take/​the-best-under-the-radar-reissu​es-of-2011-20111222#ixzz1hJMIY​itn
Thats all I have got to say...this says it all!!! They Made BEST UNDER THE RADAR REISSUE OF 2011...what you got to say now...

Josh Langhoff said...

Thanks for commenting, Treedsmart, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME! What I have to say about that is... it's not the first time I've disagreed with David Fricke. Also, you should explain what you like about 'em. I'm sure they're a lot of fun live?

Treedsmart said...

I am laughing at your comment. It is hilarious. I understand that you disagree with David Fricke but as he is a Senior Editor with Rolling Stones he knows what he is talking about. I def agree with what he has to say...considering he owns about 10,000 albums....doubt you even own near close to that. You cannot put yourself on his level...as he has been doing this for years!!! I like them because they are good and thats that...I like their Album because it is AMAZING...Rolling Stones thinks so as well. Lets act like adults here I dont have to tell you exact details of why I love this album...I just do. HAHAHA...and my name...if thats my real name give me a break. I laughed soo hard when I saw that. Who cares...we are here to discuss the music so why mention that. LOL!!!! Oh and I give you permission to mock my comment...as you seem to love doing that! (P.S. From someone that gives Limp Bizkit a good review...I really dont know why I am wasting my time...well it amuses me really)