Wednesday, February 02, 2011

This new Charlotte Martin album is WORTH IT!!

Y Kant Tori Promote Wind Energy?

I'm sure she gets sick of people saying "Tori Amos" around her, but on the other hand, in one interview I read she was naming her favorite musicians and she said "Tori Amos, obviously."  So maybe not TOO sick.  Anyhow, good CD/download/whatever.  IT'S PRETTY.

Read more at PopMatters [8/10].
Throughout Dancing on Needles, her seventh full-length album, Martin seems to be chasing a sense of mystery, trying to evoke some ancient meaning that can’t be contained by everyday pop music. To her credit, though, she never sacrifices musical clarity and propulsion for mere atmosphere. Her husband, producer Ken Andrews (Pete Yorn, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), is responsible for most of the music that decorates Martin’s voice and piano. The songs are full of sound effects, like twinkling chimes and ominous background white noise, that give the songs personality without cluttering them up. The title song is a wonderful 4x4 stomper that sounds like it’s taking place in the same moors occupied by Loreena McKennitt. There are horn stabs on the offbeats and howling gales in the distance, but Martin’s arresting “woo-hoo-ooo”s remain the focus, and they plow into your brain.

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