Friday, February 25, 2011

Sheep/Goats 2/11: Albums that are WORTH IT!!! (and some otherwise)

REALLY hard to tell what's going on in this picture, but I believe that's a Symbolic Sheep.

Read more about it at Burnside Writers' Collective.  I'll include the Overcome review here, since it's maybe the most likely to garner random commentary, something that is always welcome...

Sheep: Charlotte Martin!  R. Kelly!  Iron/Wine!  Overcome!  Fran Healy!  Heavy Winged!

Singles: The Ark! Mary Mary!

Goats: Red!  Josh Wilson!  Brandon Heath!  Luminate!

The Great Campaign of Sabotage

Sometimes, when the blacktop turns white and everything’s been killed by road salt, you just need a good ol’ death metal CD to cheer you up.  At least I do.  And if the unintelligible lyrics are certified to NOT send you to hell, so much the better.  This is the third incarnation of guitarist Jason Stinson’s band, and they sound amazingly tight for having been together only a year or so.  Overcome have enough rhythmic savvy that they’ll make you lurch around a lot, even while they’re shifting tempos as much as Zappa or somebody — they always land on a monster groove.  They’re also not afraid to get (relatively) delicate so you can rest your ears, opening up space for the rippling drummer and giving the guitars a nice little melodic jam on “Clemency”, before it’s back to shredding their strings and vocal cords.  But hey, even if you can’t pick out the words, this stuff’s way better for the soul than (say) the new Luminate CD, dismissed below.

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