Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Diana Reyes doing "Baila Esta Cumbia / La Carcacha"

An irresistible Selena medley from the eclectic Reina del Pasito Duranguense:

Like every Diana Reyes album since she jumped to the Duranguense genre in '05, Amame, Besame is packed with energy and color. Unlike those other albums, this new one is only half Duranguense, the regional Mexican polka-pop genre that got its start in Chicago. (Read more about it in this landmark record review!) The other half is technocumbia, a more Afro-Latin pop genre named after a Selena song. Those tracks were produced by Luigi Giraldo, a former Latin boy band dude who's been working with Selena's brother in his Kumbia Kingz empire. (Giraldo's sort of like--who?--Justin Timberlake? If JT was mainly a producer? I'll think of a more apt comparison later.)

Anyway, here's one of the technocumbias--or rather, two! Diana sings Selena's songs in her huskier, throatier voice and knocks 'em out of the park, especially her triumphant long notes about two and three minutes in. The production is also full-throated, with horns and electronic effects jumping around the edges. I can't really hear the accordion player, but his nickname is "El Animal." What's not to love?

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