Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Courtney Jaye doing "Can't Behave"

From the not-bad soundtrack to Aquamarine, and also from Courtney Jaye's less not-bad debut album, comes this ode to the Bad Boys:

Courtney's boyfriend might not be a trustworthy individual. Rumor has it he's mischievous, and these rumors knock Courtney off her cloud. Does she kick him to the curb because he acts like Mick Jagger? Hardly; but she does confront BF about said rumors, amid handclaps. Bad boy to the left of her, gossips to the right, Courtney's stuck in the middle with her paranoia and empty threats. Here she is. Will she move?

(Re Aquamarine: Isabelle2828 sez, "They should make a second one. Where Clare visits Hayley and they meet Aqua in Australia. That would be so awsome!")

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