Thursday, May 06, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Rev. Marvin Sapp doing "Praise You Forever"

Wanna hear a gospel song that sounds like Coldplay? Sure you do.

And in case you were thinking "Praise You Forever" sounds like "Clocks" on accident or something, here's part of an interview with Rev. Sapp over at Interviewer Chanel Graham says that she "can't get the track 'Praise You Forever' out of my head after listening to the album just once. Though the song is clearly a departure from what he usually does with its piano-heavy intro and gentle crescendo reminiscent of the song 'Clocks,' I love it. I tell him, 'It has a Coldplay vibe.' Sapp sounds relieved. 'You got it,' he exclaims victoriously. 'That's what we went for!'"

Went for AND SURPASSED. "Clocks" has always sounded stiffer than the swirling minimalism it apes--the drums sound like they're running on sand, and the piano riff thuds out its welcome way too quickly. Sapp gets around those problems by chucking the minimalism. His drummer, Calvin Rodgers, is better and subtler than Coldplay's, and Sapp's chords are more interesting. The choir's refrains of "I am sear-ching for..." and "I am thir-sty for..." are really powerful. On the word "for," they hit a V chord over tonic, a beautifully unexpected dissonance in its context. I also dig those synth squiggles over the piano riff. It's as though, on his first foray into "rock," Sapp took what he liked about "Clocks" and then just let the music blossom. Maybe God let "Clocks" happen just so THIS song could exist. (Mysterious ways, man...)

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