Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: LiLiPUT doing "Die Matrosen"

The Boy and I spent an enjoyable morning watching a DVD of vintage LiLiPUT TV clips, released a couple months ago on Kill Rock Stars. LiLiPUT were a Swiss lady band, late-'70s/early-'80s, who had to change their name from Kleenex when Kimberly-Clark started gettin' litigious. "Die Matrosen" features some almost-in-tune sax along with whistling(!), and nearly all their tunes have cool little FX like that. (I actually prefer their song "Split," which hails from the same album as "Matrosen" and features an elaborate vocal arrangement celebrating hopscotch and hara kiri; unfortunately, Youtube seems to disagree with me.) Those sound effects probably constitute much of the band's appeal to a four-year-old, along with the visuals on the DVD and the fact that their music is impossibly cheerful.

(Greil Marcus on "Hedi's Head," another impossibly cheerful number: "The feeling of people breaking loose is irresistible: they sound like ten-year-olds manically cutting up their Barbie dolls.")

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