Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Ke$ha doing "Your Love Is My Drug"

Until I saw this remarkable video, I didn't truly appreciate how TALL Ke$ha is. She's a real Amazon.

The video should also make clear that Bearded Guy's love is specifically a hallucinogen, maybe peyote. Shockingly, this is among many Ke$ha lovers' least favorite Ke$ha songs. It's one of my three favorites, mostly for the chorus, which is pure joy. I love the perfect automatron clarity of her singing, and the percolating synth, and the CHORD INVERSIONS, sweet chord inversions; and there's plenty of good lines, too. My new favorite is, "So I got a question: Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?"

And now there's this video! As wise Ke$ha fan Jonathan Bogart said at the Singles Jukebox, "Video’s out now. Would have bumped it up at least a point for me."

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