Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This Billy Joel Greatest Hits Album is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Look there!  Reflected in his glasses!  Is it... MURDER?

Of course, you could probably string together a better compilation, but it's an interesting song selection anyway.  8/10.  Choice paragraph:

Of course, there are songs that don’t invite any shame at all.  “Allentown” is sharp social commentary, with a melody as complex as its lyrical dilemmas and working-in-a-coalmine grunts borrowed from Lee Dorsey.  “Pressure” is a war between Man and Synth, unresolved despite Joel’s anguished screams.  And for all you yaks talkin’ smack like “Lists aren’t songs”, just TRY writing a catchy tune that rhymes “Pasternak” with “Kerouac”.  If you grew up with “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, you know that hearing any of its historical name-drops is like turning over the Queen of Diamonds in The Manchurian Candidate. Only instead of assassinating people, you’re compelled to finish singing the song, regardless of whom you might annoy.  In the most recent DSM-IV, this is called the Harry Truman Doris Day Trigger.

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