Friday, January 07, 2011

Sheep & Goats -- Album Reviews You Can Use

New-ish column at the Burnside Writers' Collective:  Sheep and Goats.  Sheep = Albums that are WORTH IT, Goats = Albums that are NOT and will be cast into a fiery pit where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, or at the very least polite beg-to-differs on the Burnside comment board, currently the scene of a polite/snarky/inscrutable ("Ben") debate on Jesus Seminarian Marcus Borg and the idea of Christianity's exclusivity or lack thereof, which I'm inclined to think indicates people are using "exclusivity" in two different ways, but which nonetheless feels like an argument in which I'm scarcely qualified to participate, not being Jesus, and even less compelled to do so, because it'd use up valuable time that could otherwise be spent writing record reviews.  Speaking of:

Sheep and Goats December '10
Sheep: Disciple, Norma Jean, Jars of Clay, Kenny Chesney single
Goats: Kanye, Lecrae, the Afters

Sheep and Goats November '10
Sheep: Israel Houghton, the Thermals, Sufjan (Adz), Dandy Warhols, Tye Tribbett single
Goats: Michael Whittaker Smith, Point of Grace, Sufjan (Delighted)

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