Monday, November 08, 2010

This 20 -year old DC Talk album is WORTH IT!

 Perhaps you've longed for a really long review of DC Talk's second album, a review that also makes fun of their subsequent albums.  Nobody else is providing this service, my friend.

A taste of the delights therein:

TobyMac is back on the wack rap attack, bangin’ out ya ‘Lac like… 2pac?  Hahaha NO.  Not even like Fannypack, despite the fact that he’s wearing a fannypack on the album cover.  Toby’s snarl actually sounds a bit like Zack de la Rocha’s, only with a healthier love of syncopation and an unhealthy proclivity for saying things like “Chocolate citaaaay,” apropos of absolutely nothing.  Tait and K-Max are mostly relegated to hook-singing duty, not the most fulfilling job.  In a CCM interview at the time, Toby gushed, “Kevin and Mike have learned a lot about how to weave their singing in and out of the raps,” which at least gave them something else to do.  Subsequent albums saw them singing more and more, on actual verses and stuff, until the mainstream press seemed unaware DCT had once been a rap group.  This makes sense:  if your group consists of three lead vocalists, you’d better let ‘em all vocalize or you risk breaking up the group.  (As it turns out, even that strategy couldn’t work forever.)

And also:

We can therefore assume that Dr. James Dobson fully supports the tenets of Black Liberation Theology.

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