Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last Week In Jukeboxing

Well, MY jukebox hero, at any rate.

Two songs about people in bars who WANT to go crazy.  Whether they succeed is another matter...

Le bien:
Tim McGraw – Felt Good on My Lips
Just for aggravating the cranks at the 9513, this song is worth at least a 6. But on top of that we’ve got the skinny tie beat, the riff that sounds like either Sonic Youth or “Since U Been Gone”, the humongous Phil Vassar-ish “WHOA-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH”s, and the driving drum and bass fill on the last chorus. The title is destined to inspire dirty jokes among Tim’s audience, and that was probably the intent. All in all it’s about as country as I am, but if that makes it bad, “Hey Ya!” needed more rapping. This thing is a big dumb monster that’s learning to manipulate tools and will kill us all.
[10] le so-so:
Pink – Raise Your Glass
Sure it’s LOUD, because all Adult Contemporary these days is LOUD, but I’m not sure what makes this “nitty gritty”. She seems to think talking like a rapper or the Joker makes her transgressive, when really it just makes her an overbearing fun-killer — like, wayyyy more overbearing than Ke$ha. But man oh man, that’s a chorus.
(Actually, Jer Fairall's blurb articulates what I was thinking much better than I did: "It would be a lot easier to buy her allegiance to all the 'underdogs' and 'dirty little freaks' were she ever to present her arguments in music that didn’t just happen to fall in line with whatever popular trends ruled the charts at the time.")

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