Friday, July 09, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Trip Lee doing "Snitch"

Christian Rap: It's Competent Now! (My marketing services are available for a fee.) Actually, it may have been competent for a while; da t.r.u.t.h. is, I've been out of touch. But Christian rappers aren't out of touch. Foor proof, here's a new song that sounds like six-year-old Timbaland:

"Snitch" is a clever co-opted gangstaism. Mr. Trip Lee, you see, is snitching on himself. So he's in his confessional booth, or in the Protestant version of same--his mind--and busily hating his sin. Unfortunately, he doesn't snitch to his listeners what he's been up to, which might make the song more interesting.

Based on this song and the rest of his new album, Between Two Worlds, Trip's a pretty good rapper. He's able to change up his patterns in subtle ways, and he's got nothing against syncopation, ptl. He's also got an appealing southern twang that kind of reminds me of a reined-in Weezy, without the craziness and wit.

So, not great, but refreshingly GOOD. Actually, I probably prefer this LL song with an actual, similar Timbo beat:

Play 'em at the same time!

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