Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Intocable doing "Estamos En Algo" (PERHAPS MY SPANISH-SPEAKING FRIENDS CAN HELP)

Note: this photo's linked from, which is the best English source of Latin music info I've found.

The lyrics of this song seem to be a zen koan. Or no--they're a pool! A reflective pool, still and beautiful, that conceals the teeming life at the heart of every relationship. Here's the refrain, translated with the help of Google, a Spanish-Spanish dictionary, and my own refined sense of poesy:

Y si estas
Pensando en mí
Yo también
Pienso en ti
Y los dos
Y los dos
Estamos en algo

Which is beautiful, and which translates as--what?--

And if you are thinking of me
Then I'm also thinking of you
And we two
And we two
We are in something

This is Cartesian, right? Only now, our existence is proven by the fact that we're thinking of one another? (But that title--is "algo" ("somthing") maybe used in some idiomatic way I don't understand?) And by our longing--the verse lyrics (see bottom) seem to indicate that thinking leads to longing, and longing lets us know we're alive.

Dig those rhythms! I count three distinct ones, drawing from soul, ska, and even the herky-jerk '60s country of "Harper Valley PTA." They're what drew me in in the first place--the lyrics were just a nice surprise.

Here's the verse, for your edification:
Si no estas
Pensando en mí
No estas en nada

Pero yo
Pensando estoy
En tu mirada

Y si estas
Pensando en mí
Estas en algo

Yo por verte
Este día
Se me hace largo

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