Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surfing with Congorock

Congorock: "Babylon"
(For real, click on this--you WON'T NOT turn into a dancing fool.) (The double negative represents the strength of my feelings and the unruliness of my limbs.)

What's a song like this got to do with Babylon, you ask? Does it serve as a reminder that they knew how to party? Invented the beat? Laid down the Code of the... OK, I'll stop now and listen to it again.

It comes down to this: if you come up with a vaguely "exotic" sounding synth hook and set it to a sped-up reggaeton beat, you can call your song "Babylon." I'm surprised MIA hasn't done a Babylon song yet. Along with that irresistible hook, Mr. Congorock (Italian producer Rocco Rampino) gives us a shimmery synth cloud that resembles a cloud of gnats, a heavy "distorted guitar" sound, something that sounds like a lawnmower or clippers, and a dude (the gardener?) yelling out "Boyo!" and "Yeah!" and "Babylon!" in approval. It's a very outdoorsy tune, though maybe I'm being influenced by the excellent video, with its lovely closeup shot of a snail. Really, I feel like I need to keep listening to this song over and over.

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