Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Liquid Divine doing "Sojourner (Diskonnekted Remix)"

The beat, glorious electrobeat! And the lyrics! They mope in a stolid way. "We will fight/ We will fail/ and the sun will always rise/ and I'm beyond time/ We will fade away/ From the arena of life/ And I'm beyond time..." It's sort of like Ecclesiastes with synth stabs--click and marvel.

These guys can't seem to write memorable melodies to save their lives, but it's like metal, it doesn't really matter when you've got all this texture and momentum and layering action going on. "I remember the night/ Don't you miss the sky?" Well yes, if the sky were unavailable I believe that I would miss it. What does lead singer Guido mean when he sez he's "beyond time," though? I dunno, if Guido wants this song to preserve his place in immortality, he might be disappointed. But it is very pleasant, thank you Guido. I should also thank Christian, who's doing all the production. They seem like good guys.

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