Thursday, July 07, 2005

Oh wait, I'm supposed to UPDATE this thing?

Kyle, if no one else, will get a kick out of this. Here's my favorite albums for every year since '64. "Favorite" is currently defined as "the album that, when I think about having to sit through it again, feels like the least amount of work." (I'm kind of in a bad mood.) Thus My Fair Lady beats Meet the Beatles even though it boasts nothing so great as "I Saw Her Standing There" and possibly not as many great songs--listening to the whole thing seems marginally more enjoyable. '64's the first year I can reference more than 10 albums--the '63 winner is currently The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, but who knows what else is out there?

64: My Fair Lady original soundtrack
65: Tom Lehrer-That Was the Year That Was!
66: Cecil Taylor-Unit Structures
67: The Velvet Underground and Nico
68: Miles Davis-Filles de Kilimanjaro
69: Tony Williams Lifetime-Emergency! (I'm listening to it right now!)
70: Merle Haggard-A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (or, My Salute to Bob Wills)
71: Led Zeppelin IV
72: Yes-Fragile
73: Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy
74: New York Dolls In Too Much Too Soon
75: (good year!) Sesame Street Cast-Bert & Ernie Singalong
76: Various-Have Moicy!
77: Billy Joel-The Stranger
78: Van Halen
79: Neil Young-Rust Never Sleeps
80: Change-The Glow of Love
81: a crude amalgam of select songs from Genesis's Abacab and Phil Collins's Face Value; that or Kix
82: Michael Jackson-Thriller
83: Weird Al Yankovic
84: Bruce Springsteen-Born In the USA
85: Tom Waits-Rain Dogs
86: Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman-Song X
87: Guns 'n' Roses-Appetite for Destruction
88: EPMD-Strictly Business
89: King's X-Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
90: King's X-Faith, Hope, Love
91: (good year!)Amy Grant-Heart in Motion
92: Pavement-Slanted and Enchanted
93: Nirvana-In Utero
94: Garth Brooks-The Hits
95: Moby-Everything Is Wrong
96: Weezer-Pinkerton
97: Roni Size & Reprazent-New Forms
98: The Coup-Steal This Album
99: Various-Get Crunk!
00: Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP
01: System of a Down-Toxicity
02: Paulina Rubio-Border Girl
03: David Banner-Mississippi Screwed and Chopped (haven't heard the original)
04: R. Kelly-Happy People/U Saved Me
05: And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead-Worlds Apart

In other news, it's always nice to see your work criticized by strangers, and in that vein you can check out what looks to be a very interesting Freakonomics blog, which contains an excerpt from my WOW #1s review. Which is (probably correctly) ripped to pieces. Ah, check out Freakonomics anyway, it's a good read.

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