Monday, March 14, 2005

Recent Additions

What's new?
Imaginary Popscape 1982 ("Elektro Kardio") is up and running.
Check out Ask Darryl Van Horne! for a succinct statement of aesthetic intent, not written by me.
Family and friend sites:
Kyle Young's website features a controversial (to me, anyway) article on mp3s, and highly informed writing on the Monkees and other late '60s dudes.
My sister's blog keeps the family informed on her freshman year at college. If you liked I Am Charlotte Simmons, well, this really isn't at all similar.
My anonymous coworker's blog features thoughtful analysis of restroom graffiti. (Speaking of which: so I go to the dictionary to figure out how to spell "graffiti," and oddly enough the word doesn't have its own entry. You get "graffitist" and "graffito," the latter of which is the singular. According to Mr. American Heritage, you should refer to one instance of graffiti as a "graffito," though this "might seem pedantic outside an archaeological context.")
Well, the smoke alarm's going off, I'd better go!

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