Sunday, December 11, 2011

Worth It In 2011: #27 - The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island
Turtleneck & Chain
(Universal Republic)

I have nothing intelligent to say about these guys, but nearly every song contains at least one line that still makes me giggle. And the songs are short. So here's something semi-intelligent I once wrote about their song "I'm On a Boat" (not on this album). And here's the intelligent Singles Jukebox disliking "Jack Sparrow" ("Turns out Michael Bolton's a major cinephile" -- what, because he likes Pirates of the Caribbean and Forrest Gump??) and "I Just Had Sex" ("I think she might've been a racist!"). Don't worry, this is NOT the highest ranked rap album on this list. (Though it is way better than Raekwon's Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang.)


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