Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Drive-By Truckers best-of is Worth It.

It's not what I'd choose for a Drive-By Truckers best-of, but judging by the comments at PopMatters, I may have idiosyncratic Drive-By Truckers taste. For instance, I do not like their slow songs. But fewer than half these songs are slow, so there you go. From my review:

On Ugly Buildings, Whores & Politicians, an overview of their career up ‘til 2009, Drive-By Truckers are a big floppy mess, a wad of hair soaked in Sterling Bigmouth and meat juice. The rhythm section bashes out backbeat after backbeat, and the guitar riffs tend to be what other bands call “chord progressions”. There’s always some stray guitar or pedal steel wheedling over the top of everything else, a little lost stream of consciousness. Singer/songwriter/guitarists Cooley, Patterson Hood, and Jason Isbell sound like they’re discovering their songs as they go, and often as not they neglect to include a chorus. Despite their claim that Lynyrd Skynyrd is “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”, the Truckers are way more Neil than Ronnie.

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