Friday, June 17, 2011

New Lady Gaga is (almost) TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Where Unicorn meets Highway.

If you haven't read enough really long articles about Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Lifehouse, and fake theologians, this one's for you! (If you HAVE, I can't say I blame you.) Here's an excerpt from my Gaga review at the Burnside Writers' Collective:

And then there’s all the religious talk. Please tell me you don’t turn to Lady Gaga for theology. I doubt even her most ardent monsters do, except to feel flattered by some fancy Bible-talk. That’s fine; that’s also what people get from Bob Dylan. I’d guess that 90% of your record collection flatters you in some way, even the “challenging” stuff.
But yeah, “theology.” The lyrics of “Judas” use a wild phantasmagoria of Gospel images to express a timeless girl-group message: “He’s a bad boy, but I don’t care.” Actually, “wild phantasmagoria” is generous; you could also say “random-ass freewrite.” In the first verse Gaga’s boyfriend “Judas” betrays her three times, and that’s after she’s washed his feet with her hair, which seems to indicate that both Gaga and her boyfriend are Jesus. May we all so honor our loved ones.

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