Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Best Thing I Heard Today: Husker Du doing "Friend, You've Got to Fall"

Can you hear the treetops in the distance?

This is one of Bob Mould's Cautionary Advice songs, sort of like Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" two years later. Of course, the advice is palatable because it's also a Husker Du song. In fact, here's my advice for stagers of interventions: incorporate black sheets of guitar squall and a fantastic rhythm section into your shtick, and that hollow-eyed friend will have no choice but to listen to you. (Don't Grant and Greg sound GOOD on this one? Loose! They're not always like that.) If you can sing your advice through four distinct key changes, that also helps. Lets 'em know you went to some trouble.

Incidentally, here's the menu from Greg Norton's restaurant in Minnesota, where I now TOTALLY want to eat. He's still got the handlebar mustache!

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