Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surfing with Hypocrisy--make sure you enunciate!

Hypocrisy's growly Babylon song is entitled "Path to Babylon." Not on Youtube. So as an alternative, I offer their excellently titled "Pleasure.Of.Molestation," just to give you a sense of what we're dealing with.

"Path to Babylon" comes from an apparently "important" (to the history of Swedish death) 1994 album called The Fourth Dimension. Following in the footsteps of Dio and Rainbow, this song depicts Babylon as hell--only not! We're definitely dealing with some Satanic dudez here (lyrics at the bottom), "destroying all that's good," but the "Path to Babylon" is the path away from the darkness, and you'll note that the first words in the song are "rise from the depths of hell." Babylon is the place where vocalist (and notable producer) Peter Tagtgren can "fulfill my own dark life." So he's a bad dude, shat out of hell, opposed to "all that's good" like all the rest of Babylon. But apparently he can't accomplish what he needs to accomplish in hell proper, so he sets up shop in Babylon instead. Babylon is sort of like hell's overseas office.

Hellish operative Peter (upon this rock will I build my bloodthirsty church of evil) isn't too far removed from the yahoos drumming the Decadent Babylon beat, licentious shmucks like Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat) and David Johansen (New York Dollz). He acknowledges that Christianity is "good," yet only finds fulfillment in crushing it. To quote Johansen, "He won't feel safe, he won't feel free, till he's in Babylon!" He's decadent Babylon taken to the pro-death EXTREME!!!!!

lyrics copyrighted 1994 by the guys in Hypocrisy--for educational purposes only

Rise from the depths of hell
Destroying all that's good
Crush Christianity and let Satan loose

Fake your ways
And give us a sound
And let us know the time in here
In dark religion,
Those who never sacrifice are killed

The true believer
When no one is alive
The real freedom
To let one die

The path will lead me there
The way from the darkness
And there I will stay
To fulfill my own dark life

(Who completes the long lost journey
will rule through history
The one prophet
depends on the walk
With souls of death
is near)

The earth will be like a dungeon
Hell will rise through the sand

My life with always protection
As long as they hate you

[repeat "the true believer.."]

The path will lead me there
(The path) to babylon.
And there I will stay,
To fulfill my own dark life.

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